Why Choose BestChoiceChanges...

In the battle against weight gain and obesity, BestChoiceChanges has proven its place in the front lines time and time again, and we now have over 4000 Success Stories. 

The BestChoiceChanges 26-40 day rapid weight loss program is monitored by a Registered Nurse. Our support staff will coach and advise you throughout your weight loss program and support you further as you begin to return to more normal eating routines. We will help you set and stabilize your new lower weight, and advise and support you for lifestyle changes that may help you to have more success with weight management as you go forward. It is hard to be your own coach. We can help. 

The proprietary Advance Max formula helps you achieve typical results of 1/2-1 lb. of weight loss daily for a 26-40 day period. Men tend to lose even more quickly. Unlike the Dr. Simeon plan of the 1950s with a calorie restriction of only 500 calories and restricted food choices~ The Advance Max plan is more doable and meets the demands and needs of our body TODAY!

Consult our staff to discuss the Nutrient Rich Food Choices and Food Planning to make your weight loss manageable, designed with your needs in mind and much more doable.

A doable weight loss program with rapid results...
isn't that what you're looking for?

BestChoiceChanges Advance Max is formulated in the USA by an FDA certified laboratory servicing medical professionals. With our advanced formula of all natural ingredients, weight loss will occur quickly but will also supply your Thyroid, Adrenal Glands, Hypothalamus and Pituitary with extra needed support during rapid weight loss periods.

Our clients report predictable weight loss with reduced side-effects of hunger, headache and fatigue that can occur when following a highly restricted 500 calorie diet administered on many plans. Advance Max helps to naturally reduce food cravings which makes it easier for you to follow a plan and improve your overall results while losing weight quickly.

I am Mikki Funderburke RN, Life Coach Certified and experienced in weight loss management and nutritional support. Contact me or any of our BestChoiceChanges practitioners to assess your needs and review your Information Profile. We can discuss if this is the right plan for you.

At BestChoiceChanges our mission is clear:

To help our clients become thinner and healthier versions of themselves.

We will:
  • Establish a program and protocol designed for you by one of our practitioners to help you regain your health and lose unwanted fat quicker than most plans available.
  • Will gather and review your Information Health Profile to establish target BMI and weight loss goals, and to discuss a reasonable plan for you, your lifestyle and activity level.
  • Help you achieve rapid results which keeps you encouraged and excited.
  • Support you to obtain and maintain your desired or ideal weight.
  • Regain your body contour and definition while losing stubborn fat.
  • Help you to improve stamina and energy by shedding stubborn fat.
  • Improve your appearance and like who is in the mirror again.
  • Reduce the physical stress on your body.
  • Improve your digestion and boost your metabolism.
  • Boost your immune system while ridding  the toxins held in fat.
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It is only 26-40 days to a newer, thinner version of yourself.
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